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No. Title Result Log Script Packet Dump
2 DAD is performed on NUT by Stateless Link-local address autoconfiguration WARN X X X Link0 Link0



Linux sends invalid DAD NS messages. It includes LinkLayer addr option.


7.1.1.  Validation of Neighbor Solicitations

 A node MUST silently discard any received Neighbor Solicitation
   messages that do not satisfy all of the following validity checks:

      - The IP Hop Limit field has a value of 255, i.e., the packet
        could not possibly have been forwarded by a router.

      - If the message includes an IP Authentication Header, the message
        authenticates correctly.

      - ICMP Checksum is valid.

      - ICMP Code is 0.

      - ICMP length (derived from the IP length) is 24 or more octets.

      - Target Address is not a multicast address.

      - All included options have a length that is greater than zero.

      - If the IP source address is the unspecified address, the IP
        destination address is a solicited-node multicast address.

   - If the IP source address is the unspecified address, there is no
        source link-layer address option in the message.


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