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[usagi-announce] 38th Snapshot Release [2002/04/01]


We are glad to announce the 38th SNAPSHOT release of USAGI
(UniverSAl playGround for Ipv6)[1] products on April 1st, 2002.
On this release, we provide ipv6 enhanced kernel (based on 
linux-2.2.20 and/or linux-2.4.18) and basic IPv6 libraries and

The new features are:

	- ISATAP router by importing radvd-0.7.1.
	- support ip command.

We also fixed the following bugs included  the previous snapshot's 
features. Those are:

	- put destination option after routing header.
	- export route6_me_harder to fix undefined reference on compilation.

See below (next page) for Changelog.

You can get our complete kit which includes kernel tree, library and 
applications from the following URL.

We also provide separate patches against the main-line kernel and the tools.

We announce the latest information on our web pages.  
Please check our web site <http://www.linux-ipv6.org>.

We also manage the mailing list for USAGI users. 
If you have questions, please join the mailing list.
Comments and advises are also welcome on that mailing list.  
Please visit <http://www.linux-ipv6.org/ml/> for further


About USAGI Project:

The USAGI Project is managed by volunteers and aims to provide better
IPv6 environment on Linux freely.  We are tightly collaborating with 
WIDE Project[2], KAME Project[3] and TAHI Project[4], and trying 
improving Linux kernel, IPv6 related libraries and IPv6 applications.  
Our products are released every two weeks and stable release several 
times a year.  Please check our web site <http://www.linux-ipv6.org>
for the latest detailed information.


	[1] USAGI Project       <http://www.linux-ipv6.org>
	[2] WIDE Project        <http://www.wide.ad.jp>
	[3] KAME Project        <http://www.kame.net>
	[4] TAHI Project        <http://www.tahi.org>

USAGI Project <http://www.linux-ipv6.org>
2002/03/31	yoshfuji
	* src/radvd: radvd-0.7.1.

2002/03/31	yoshfuji
	* usagi/{configure.in,libnetlink,ip}: ip from iproute2.

2002/03/30	yoshfuji
	* usagi/{configure.in,libnetlink,ndp}: libnetlink from iproute2.

2002/03/30	yoshfuji
	* kernel/linux24: sync with LINUS branch to fix random conflicts(?).
	In fact, we do not understand why we need to commit these files while 
	we have't changed anything...

2002/03/21(CST)	takamiya
	* kernel/linux24/include/linux/ipv6.h,
	kernel/linux24/include/net/ipv6.h, kernel/linux24/net/ipv6/exthdrs.c, 
	  - fixed to be enable to communicate with mobile node: Destination
	    Option Header when the packet includes Home Address Options must
	    exist after Routing Header.

2002/03/20(CST)	yoshfuji
	* kernel/linux24/{include/net/ip6_route.h,net/netsyms.c,
	net/ipv6/ip6_output.c,net/ipv6/netfilter/ip6_queue.c}: export
	route6_me_harder(), which was static; fixed undefined reference
	on compilation with CONFIG_NETFILTER and modulized IPv6.