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[usagi-announce] 2002/07/08 snapshot


We release new snapshot on 8th July, 2002.
It will soon be available in:

Here's the changelog:
2002/07/08	miyazawa
	* kernel/linux24/{Documentation/Configure.help,net/ipv6/{ipsec6_input.c,
2002/07/08	yoshfuji
	* kernel/linux24/net/ipv6/{addrconf.c,route.c}: 
	Update PMTU value to make PMTU increase even if current PMTU 
	is the lowest.  This may cause additional PMTU discovery, but
	we think it is acceptable because this operation is done 
	administratively.  (From Shirley Ma <xma@xxxxxxxxxx>)

2002/07/03	yoshfuji
	* src/dhcpcode: imported DHCPv6 code from Suresh Kodati 
	<skodati@xxxxxxxxxx> with several clean-ups.

2002/06/28	miyazawa
	* kernel/linux24/{include/{linux/ipv6.h,net/{ipv6.h,ipsec6_utils.h}},net/ipv6/exthdrs.c,
	- move parse routins of AH and ESP into ipv6_parse_exthdrs
	- it make the kernel parse dst1opt in esp correctly

2002/06/28	mk
	* kernel/linux24/net/ipv6/{tcp_ipv6.c, ip6_output.c}:
	- fixed a kernel panic, which caused by ipsec and mobility support.
	- a performance issue that prevents full-size data packets with TCP.
        reported by "David Stevens" <dlstevens@xxxxxxxxxx>

Hideaki YOSHIFUJI @ USAGI Project <yoshfuji@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
GPG FP: 9022 65EB 1ECF 3AD1 0BDF  80D8 4807 F894 E062 0EEA