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[usagi-announce] 2003/01/20 snapshot


We release new snapshot on 20th January, 2003.

Here's the changelog:

2003/01/20	yoshfuji
	* kernel/linux2{4,5}/net/ipv6/route.c: spin_lock() when reading

2003/01/17	yoshfuji
	* kernel/linux25: linux-2.5.59.

2003/01/15	mk
	* usagi/ninfod/ninfod.c: more smart pid file handling.

2003/01/15	takamiya
	* kernel/linux24/net/ipv6/mobile_ip6/module_mn.c: introduced
	source address selection framework(backported from previous version).

2003/01/14	takamiya
	* src/miplv6, usagi/mipdiag, usagi/ipv6_tunnel: sync userland tools
	with HUT's MIPv6 implementation version
        XXX: maybe broken.

2003/01/14	takamiya
	* kernel/linux24: sync with HUT's MIPv6 implementation version 
	XXX: maybe broken.  userland is not included.

2003/01/14	mk
	* kernel/linux24/net/ipv4/{tcp_ipv4.c,ip_output.c,ipsec4_output.c},
	kenrl/linux24/include/linux/ipsec.h: fix UDP port handling bug in 
	the case of IPsec enabled kernel.

2003/01/14	yoshfuji
	* kernel/linux25: linux-2.5.5{7,8}.

	* kernel/linux25: linux.2.5.56.

2003/01/09	yoshfuji
	* kernel/linux25: linux-2.5.55.

2003/01/09	yoshfuji
	* usagi/ninfod/ninfod.c: change meaning of -d option to debug;
	daemonize by default.

2003/01/07	yoshfuji
	* usagi/libinet6/getaddrinfo.c, libc/glibc2{1,2,3}/sysdeps/
	- removed useless assert() to check if sizeof(uint32_t) <=
	sizeof(unsigned long) because this is true by the spec.
	- check if scope-id is fit in uint32_t.

Hideaki YOSHIFUJI @ USAGI Project <yoshfuji@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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