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[usagi-announce] 2004/10/11 snapshot


We release new snapshot on 11th 11th October, 2004.
It will be available in our ftp site and mirror sites soon.

Here's the changelog.

2004/10/08	yoshfuji
	* usagi/libinet6/rthdr.c, libc/glibc2{1,2}/inet/rthdr.c:
	make inet6_rth_add() put address entries at appropriate position.
	(From Jean-Luc Richier <Jean-Luc.Richier@xxxxxxx>)

2004/10/04	yoshfuji
	* kernel/linux26/{include/linux/ipv6_route.h,include/net/ip6_route.h,
	net/ipv6/{addrconf.c,ip6_fib.c,ndisc.c,route.c}: kill remaining
	"all-on-link" things; RTF_ALLONLINK and IP6_RT_PRIO_ALLONLINK.

2004/09/30	yoshfuji
	* kernel/linux26: linux-2.6.9-rc3.
	- lots of conflicts resolved except for netfilter (connection tracking
	for ipv6)

	* kernel/linux2{4,6}/net/ipv6/exthdrs.c: Fix routing header handler.

Hideaki YOSHIFUJI @ USAGI Project <yoshfuji@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
GPG FP: 9022 65EB 1ECF 3AD1 0BDF  80D8 4807 F894 E062 0EEA