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[usagi-announce] [Fwd: [mipl] MIPL Mobile IPv6 for Linux 2.0 RC2 released!]


USAGI Project is making joint effort with HUT(Go/Core)
for the development of Mobile IPv6 stack (MIPL 2.0).
To our delight, MIPL 2.0 RC2 is released!

Please find the detail below.



-------- Original Message -------- Subject: [mipl] MIPL Mobile IPv6 for Linux 2.0 RC2 released! Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 20:50:04 +0300 From: Antti Tuominen <anttit@xxxxxxxxxx> To: mipl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, mipl-news@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hello all,

Subject says the most really.  MIPL Mobile IPv6 for Linux version 2.0
RC2 is out.  Kernel patch is still for, but we are working on
patches for newer kernel.  Don't hold your breath on this.

The RC2 is supposedly feature complete, but take a look at BUGS for
known limitations.  Please read all documentation included.  There
have been some changes from RC1, see NEWS about this.  Configuration
file syntax has been changed, so take a look at the man pages and the
examples in the extras directory, before running with your old
configs.  There are no startup scripts yet.  Sorry.

Download the stuff at these locations:



Remember, you need both of those.  First is the user space daemon, and
the other is a patch to enable MIPv6 in the kernel.  INSTALL and
INSTALL.kernel should get you started.

Read the documentation.  If that doesn't help, send mail to



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