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[usagi-announce] USAGI STABLE Release 6

We are glad to announce the USAGI STABLE RELEASE 6, dated on July 14th, 2005.
The kernel in this release is based on linux-2.6.10 and was approved by
IPv6 Forum in IPv6 Ready Logo Phase-1 Program <http://www.ipv6ready.org>.

Improvements in this release are:

 * based on linux-2.6.10,
 * improvements to get IPv6 Ready Logo Phase-1,
 * Default Router Preference Support in linux 2.6, and
 * Stateful Filtering Support.

You can get our complete kit which includes kernel tree, library and
applications from <ftp://ftp.linux-ipv6.org/pub/usagi/stable/kit/> .

We also provide separate patches against the main-line kernel and the tools
<ftp://ftp.linux-ipv6.org/pub/usagi/stable/split/> .

Many of our efforts are already in mainline kernel tree. We will continue
making reasonable size patches and trying to merge it into mainline kernel

We announce the latest information on our web pages. Please check our web site

We also manage the mailing lists for USAGI users. If you have questions, please
join the mailing list. Comments and advises are also welcome on that mailing
list. Please visit <http://www.linux-ipv6.org/ml/> for further information.


About USAGI Project

The USAGI Project is managed by volunteers and aims to provide better IPv6
environment on Linux freely. We are tightly collaborating with WIDE Project, 
KAME Project and TAHI Project, and trying to improve Linux kernel, IPv6 related
libraries and IPv6 applications. Our snapshots are released every two weeks and
stable release is released several times a year. Please check our web site 
http://www.linux-ipv6.org for the latest information.

-- USAGI Project