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[usagi-announce] Fw: [mipl] MIPL Mobile IPv6 for Linux 2.0 RC3 released!

Dear USAGI users,

FYI, RC3 of MIPL2.0 (Mobile IPv6 stack on Linux-2.6) was released
yesterday as indicated in the email attached.  The software has been
jointly developed by HUT GO-Core Project and USAGI Project.  If you
are interested in mobility support for IPv6, please try it.

Best Regards,
USAGI Project

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Hello all,

This is the last prerelese of MIPL Mobile IPv6 for Linux, before the
final 2.0.  This release has passed all TAHI conformance tests for CN,
HA and MN.  However, it does not mean all remaining issues are solved.
See BUGS for known issues.

This prerelease is for the Linux 2.6.11 kernel.  We are working towards
2.6.14 for the final release.

Download the stuff at these locations:



Remember, you need both of those.  First is the user space daemon, and
the other is a patch to enable MIPv6 in the kernel.  INSTALL and
INSTALL.kernel should get you started.

Read the documentation.  If that doesn't help, send mail to



mipl mailing list

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