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[usagi-announce] 2005/11/21 snapshot


We release USAGI snapshot on 21st November, 2005.
The tarballs and patches will soon be available on our ftp site
and mirror sites.

Kit, whole package:
Split, Kernel patches and tool:

NOTE: Please upgrade to this relesae if you use 20051107 snapshot.

2005/11/21	yoshfuji
	* kernel/linux26/{include/net/ipv6.h,net/ipv6/{datagram.c,exthdrs.c,
	- Fix memory management error during setting up new advapi sockopts.
	- Fix calculation of AH length during filling ancillary data.
	(From Ville Nuorvala <vnuorval@xxxxxxxxxx>)
	- Fix sending extension headers before and including routing header.

2005/11/20	yoshfuji
	* usagi/testlets/udp/udpsend.c: fix extension header length calculation
	for routing header.

2005/11/17	yoshfuji
	* usagi/libinet6/include_glibc/bits/in.h: Rename sockoptions for
	old advanced api and add new socket options for RFC3542 socket options.

2005/11/16	yoshfuji
	* kernel/linux26/net/ipv6/netfilter.c: fix compilation error
	with CONFIG_IPV6_STATISTICS. Based on patch from Masanao Igarashi

2005/11/13	kozakai
	* kernel/linux26/net/ipv6/netfilter/Makefile: removed duplicated REJECT.

2005/11/12	kozakai
	* kernel/linux26/net/ipv6/netfilter.c: added missing ip6_ct_attach()
	and nf_ct6_attach().

YOSHIFUJI Hideaki @ USAGI Project  <yoshfuji@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
GPG-FP  : 9022 65EB 1ECF 3AD1 0BDF  80D8 4807 F894 E062 0EEA