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[usagi-announce] release of the UMIP-0.1


USAGI Project would like to announce UMIP-0.1, a set of patches to
MIPL2 as of 20051214, which allows MIPL2 node (MN, HA, and CN) to work
as a normal IPv6 node as well as MIPv6 node.

Helsinki University of Technology (HUT) Go-Core Project and USAGI
Project have been making a joint effort in the development of MIPL2,
MIPv6 stack on Linux-2.6. USAGI Project had a chance to participate in
the TAHI 8th IPv6 Interoperability Test to test MIPL2

There were some changes required to MIPL2 so that the node could
strictly conform to MIPv6 specification as well as IPv6 core
specification. USAGI Project decided to release this version of
software to put an end to the work for this event.

Note that USAGI Project does not intend to initiate other development
of MIPv6 than MIPL2, but we aim to achieve better conformity of the
software with relevant specifications. 

Hence, the patch will be eventually sent to the MIPL2 development
team. We will continue working closely to merge MIPv6 changes into the
mainline kernel.

Also note that the handy base code of the kernel and userland are no
longer available at the MIPL site, so we prepared the tarballs.

These tarballs and a set of patches are available at

For more about this release, refer to the following documents.

o http://www.linux-ipv6.org/umip-0.1-ann.html
  (same contents as this mail)

o ftp://ftp.linux-ipv6.org/pub/usagi/mipv6/README.MIPv6
  (the document about UMIP-0.1)

o http://www.linux-ipv6.org/memo/mipv6/
  (the instruction guide of this software)

Thank you.
Noriaki Takamiya