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(usagi-users 00017) Re: first experiences

In article <m366m06j8i.fsf_-_@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (at 07 Nov 2000 13:48:29 +0100), "Alexandru Petrescu" <petrescu@xxxxxxx> says:

> Yeah, but at least it _does_ load safely, so why breaking that?  If
> you're against "modularizing" why not just advise it in README.usagi
> and then gray away the ipv6 module option in make *config.

Well, which version are you using?
It's no doubt we should fix it, sekiya.

> > We would like to merge our patches into main tranks in the future.
> This will probably be _technically_ possible, but logistically it
> might be impossible if you don't GPL it.

1. License of our original code is the slmilar to the KAME's one;
   BSD-like license.  This is compatible with GPL.
   Please look at 'The modified BSD License' section at

2. Our codes based on GPL'ed software should be covered by GPL.

You can merge our code to GPL'ed softwares without problems.

Hideaki YOSHIFUJI @ USAGI Project  <yoshfuji@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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