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(usagi-users 00025) Re: glibc-2.2 released

Hideaki YOSHIFUJI <yoshfuji@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (吉藤英明) writes:
> Well, glibc-2.2 has been released.

Hey that's good news, contratulations to glibc contributors.

> I tried to fix some bugs related to ipv6, but it was too late...

Don't be disappointed, it probably was too late; but next time ...

> BTW, original glibc-2.2 do not support ipv6 of linux-2.2.x kernel,

So I understand glibc-2.2 does support ipv6 of the linux-2.4-0-testx ?

> What do you think of removing this hack from our USAGI version of 
> glibc-2.2?

You mean getting rid of the whole glibc-usagi patch, or only the
kernel 2.2 support ?  Whatever, I think you should keep it there and
upgrade your patch to glibc 2.2.  You probably need to maintain your
patch for months or even years before having it actually integrated
into the glibc tree (see the egcs never-ending story).