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(usagi-users 00027) Re: glibc-2.2 released

In article <m3snp0i2tl.fsf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (at 10 Nov 2000 10:39:02 +0100), "Alexandru Petrescu" <petrescu@xxxxxxx> says:

> > BTW, original glibc-2.2 do not support ipv6 of linux-2.2.x kernel,
> So I understand glibc-2.2 does support ipv6 of the linux-2.4-0-testx ?

Yes, but buggy.

We may prepare some patch that fixes its bugs without advanced features, 

> > What do you think of removing this hack from our USAGI version of 
> > glibc-2.2?
> You mean getting rid of the whole glibc-usagi patch, or only the
> kernel 2.2 support ?  Whatever, I think you should keep it there and

I mean getting rid of hack for linux-2.2 compatibility 
in our glibc trees; glibc-2.1 and glibc-2.2.  

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