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(usagi-users 00040) Re: router solicitation

At Thu, 23 Nov 2000 18:20:22 +0100,
Arkadiusz Miskiewicz <misiek@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


> so it shouldn't send any RS etc but it still does:
> Nov 23 19:07:39 arm kernel: send_rs: send RS message
> Nov 23 19:07:43 arm kernel: eth0: no IPv6 routers present

Do you configure autoconf/router_solicitations = 0 before
interface up ? If you configure them after interface up,
you should do it before. If not, we will investigate it.

> but just moment after "kernel: eth0: no IPv6 routers present"
> bogus route (default to eth0) is added by kernel:

Even if you configure autoconf/router_solicitation = 0 after
interface up, installing bugous route is wrong. we will investigate
and improve it.

Thanks for your report.

-- Yuji Sekiya