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(usagi-users 00045) Re: About IPv6 on Linux

At Sun, 26 Nov 2000 12:28:22 +0800,
Wang Hui <hwang@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello Wang,

> I browsed your web pages(http://www.linux-ipv6.org/) today, and find it's really a good thing for Linux IPv6 users.
> I am a student in USTC(University of Sci. and Tech. of China) and my current research work is IPv6-related.  We have setup a IPv6 test bed at our school, whitch connected to 6bone as well. All the core routers we used in the testbed are Linux OS, but I found that we cannot obtain a pure IPv6 network because of the DNS problem.  We find that The Linux OS cannot resolve a dormain name via IPv6 socket interface.  

Please use glibc-2.2 or USAGI glibc.
The glibcs support IPv6 transportation of name queries.

If you have questions regarding our implementation, please join in
our mailing list.


-- Yuji Sekiya