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(usagi-users 00050) Re: About IPv6 on Linux

At Mon, 27 Nov 2000 20:04:30 +0800,
Wang Hui <hwang@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello Wang,

> I wonder what's the difference between glibc-2.2 and USAGI glibc ?

We have made some improvement regarding RFC2292 APIs in USAGI glibc.
You can get the usagi glibc patch against original glibc.

> And if I install the USAGI glibc, what will happen to the current glibc-based application?
> Will they work well after the USAGI glibc without being re-compiled?

In order to avoid inconsistency between kernel and glibc, we reccomend to
install USAGI kernel, glibc and iputils at the same time.

From my experience, almost current IPv4/IPv6 applications work correctly
without re-compile after installing USAGI kernel and glibc.

-- Yuji Sekiya