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(usagi-users 00057) socket operation on a non-socket

im trying to set up ipv6 here. i installed kernel 2.4.0 test 11 and the glibc patches (onto a very minimalistic suse 7.0 base). everything seems to be fine, and i can ping(6) other ipv6 boxes.
but anytime i try to run a v6 daemon of any kind, i get "socket operation on a non-socket" in /var/log/messages. ive tried with openssh, tftpd, ftpd, and telnetd, all ipv6 versions with v6 support compiled in.
is this something anyone has run into?

also one piece of software i tried to compile complained that i needed a patch for getaddrinfo() (iirc), however nothing else complained and i couldnt find said patch anywhere.

any info appreciated.