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(usagi-users 00059) Re: kernel-2.4.0-0.24usagi20001101a.586.rpm

[Following up to myself]

Jens-Ulrik Petersen <jens-ulrik.petersen@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Perhaps I am wrong, but I suspect that the rpm in the title doesn't
> have ipv6 support compiled in.  That's doesn't matter so much since
> it is not so up to date any more, but just thought I would mention
> it for next time you build an rpm for Redhat Linux.  (Redhat don't
> enable ipv6 support in their kernels, unlike Kondara and
> Vine-devel.)

But of course even better it is available as a module (ipv6.o).... so
there is no problem. :-)

Are there any differences from the user point of view bewtween using
IPv6 as a module or in compiled?