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(usagi-users 00070) Re: anonymous-cvs stop?

At Fri, 29 Dec 2000 18:31:47 +0900,
Osamu SUGIE <sugie@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Today morning, I could not get from anonymous-cvs. Errors is below.
>   -----------------------
>   cvs -d :pserver:anoncvs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:/cvsroot/usagi/libc login
>   (Logging in to anoncvs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
>   CVS password:
>   cvs [login aborted]: connect to anoncvs.linux-ipv6.org:2401 failed: Connection timed out
>   -----------------------

Currently the server which acts as http server and anoncvs
server is down because of hardware trouble, so I have changed
the CNAME of anoncvs in DNS. 

We also setup the anoncvs2 CNAME until the DNS cache is
revised. Please use "anoncvs2.linux-ipv6.org" for tempolary

After a while we will delete anoncvs2 CNAME.
Sorry for the mess.

-- Yuji Sekiya