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(usagi-users 00076) Re: ping6 to a link local address and traceroute6

At Wed, 17 Jan 2001 19:25:37 -0000,
Roberto Canonico <roberto.canonico@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Later I successfully set up a tunnel to 6bone via Freenet6,
> and I can ping6 other hosts on 6bone.
> Now I just cannot ping6 the fe80:...... link-local address

Please use "-I" option with ping6 command.

> Further, is it possible to find the route to another host on 6bone ?
> traceroute6 doesn't seem to work....

Traceroute6 may work. Please attach the result of executing
traceroute6 command.


Yuji Sekiya @ USAGI Project / Keio Univ.
<sekiya@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx / sekiya@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>