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(usagi-users 00098) Re: netkit-base

On Wed, 24 Jan 2001, YOSHIFUJI Hideaki / [iso-2022-jp] 吉藤英明 wrote:

> comment on netkit-base-0.17-ipv6rel3.patch:
>  * please remove any unnessasary changes.

like the broken MULOG code?

>  * we do not like finger:ipv4 that breaks serveces on ipv4 only inetd.
>    set default to ipv4 and use tcp6 / udp6 etc. in the 3rd field for 
>    ipv6 services.
>    (ipv4 only inetd just ignores tcp6 / udp6 / ... entries.)

that's a good idea. but what about ipv6-only services?

>  * coding style:
>      do not use too many macros / definitions such as SINADDR, 
>      sockaddr_storage_t etc.
>    etc.

mmh, i think that my macros are rather good, in order that using
them i have been able to keep the code elegant. however it will not 
be hard to get rid of them.

>  * optionally, please try to improve handling of ipv4 mapped addresses, 
>    if you have any idea.

i'll do my best. i will send you an improved/updated version of my patch
asap (in a day or two ;).

Aequam memento rebus in arduis servare mentem...

Mauro Tortonesi			mauro@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Ferrara Linux User Group	http://www.ferrara.linux.it
Project6 - IPv6 for Linux	http://project6.ferrara.linux.it