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(usagi-users 02060) Re: [usagi-announce] 2003/01/06 snapshot

> We release new snapshot on 6th January, 2003:
>     <ftp://ftp.linux-ipv6.org/pub/usagi/snap/kit/>
>     <ftp://ftp.linux-ipv6.org/pub/usagi/snap/split/>
> Here's the ChangeLog:
> 2003/01/03	yoshfuji
> 	* kernel/linux25: linux-2.5.54.

OK.. I admit being confused.  I've looked around in pub/usagi/snap,
and only see 'linux22' and 'linux24'.  Should there be a 'linux25' there
someplace, or are all/most the usagi patches already pushed to Linus for
the 2.5 series?
				Valdis Kletnieks
				Computer Systems Senior Engineer
				Virginia Tech

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