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(usagi-users 02876) Re: IPv6 multicast in 2.4.25 broken?

On Wed, Mar 31, 2004 at 10:01:29PM +0900, thus spake Takashi Hibi:
> Isn't it related to the patch (usagi-users 02627)?
> http://www2.linux-ipv6.org/ml/usagi-users/msg02626.html
> If the socket is bound to non-multicast address, it can't receive
> multicast packets.

This is why it doesn't work anymore, as it shouldn't have in the first
place.  Thanks for pointing this out.  I did not know that source
address selection is automatic, depending on the multicast address
prefix (ff05::/16, ff02::/16, etc) and the IPV6_MULTICAST_IF option, so
I instinctively did bind the socket to the unicast address and not the
multicast address.

Now it seems to work like a charm. =)



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