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(usagi-users 03910) Re: Some UMIP fixes

Hi Talamiya-san,

On 2007/07/21, at 3:40, Noriaki TAKAMIYA wrote:
  As long as I see, the policy to send BU to the HA is not inserted.
  I'm investigation the reason, and did you see the same problem?

No, I do not have this issue (tested on a patched kernel, and on the GIT kernel). On both kernels it always succeeds to install the policy. Tell me if you need more tests or information from me.

Sebastien said that he didn't see the above problem.

  Did you see this problem with genuine UMIP-0.3(it means 2.6.21-rc5 +
  umip patch)?

It may depend on the environment.

Ok, I'll try to summarize my tests here:

1. kernel 2.6.21-rc5 + genuine UMIP-0.3
-> kernel fails to add policy in xfrm_block_link because the policy already exists (it is already installed by xfrm_cn_init)
-> the first BU is sent without error

2. kernel 2.6.21-rc5 + UMIP-0.3 patched with the policy patch
-> the policy patch updates the incriminated policy instead of installing it
-> so the kernel succeeds to update the policy in xfrm_block_link
-> the first BU is sent without error

3. kernel + genuine UMIP-0.3
-> same as test 1.

4. kernel + UMIP-0.3 patched with the policy patch
-> same as test 2.

So with or without the patch, the first BU always succeeds in my environment. With the patch, the policy_add in xfrm_block_link always succeeds.

Romain KUNTZ
Louis Pasteur University - Networks and Protocols Team