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(usagi-users 03915) Re: Binding Update Failure

Hi Ryan,

On 2007/07/24, at 5:23, Ryan Measel wrote:
The second setup split two wireless networks apart.  The MN was booted
in homenet and then moved into visitnet.  At this point, the MN did
not pick up the router advertisement from the foreign router and bind
into the new network.  It only did so once I manually forced the MN
into the network with "iwconfig ath0 essid visitnet."  I am unsure
what is causing this.  I have attached the two radvd.conf's below:

Your radvd config seems fine.
In your case, handovers depends on your physical topology configuration: if the MN still hears from the AP in the Home Network, it does not have any reason to handoff in the foreign network. For the MN to handoff without external operations, you have to move it outside the range of its current AP and inside the range of its next AP (the AP you want the MN to handoff to).

But in any case, using "iwconfig" to force handovers are a good way to script handovers in a test environment (this avoids to move physically the MN, or to switch on/off the AP to force the Handover to another one).

Romain KUNTZ
Louis Pasteur University - Networks and Protocols Team