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(usagi-users 03916) Re: Binding Update Failure

In your case, handovers depends on your physical topology
configuration: if the MN still hears from the AP in the Home Network,
it does not have any reason to handoff in the foreign network. For
the MN to handoff without external operations, you have to move it
outside the range of its current AP and inside the range of its next
AP (the AP you want the MN to handoff to).

The networks are physically separated from each other with the exception of a small overlap area. The MN moves past this overlap into the foreign network and loses contact with the HA and its home (current) AP. Within the mip6d session, the router will expire and the MN will begin sending out router solicitations even though the foreign router is transmitting router advertisements at the time. It is only after I force the move into the foreign network that the MN then receives a router advertisement and then successfully binds a CoA for the foreign network.

This is why I am thoroughly confused by the situation, because it will
not do it automatically.