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(usagi-users 03919) Debian and Ubuntu repository for MIPv6 related packages


the Nautilus6 project has set up a repository to provide experimental
MIPv6 related packages for Debian and Ubuntu distributions respectively
at [1] and [2]. We have packaged softwares that have no binary packages
yet or that had to be modified to support mobility. This includes, among
- linux-image-2.6-mip6 (2.6.22), the Linux kernel with patches from
  latest usagi git tree MIPv6 extensions enabled;
- mipv6-daemon-umip (0.3), the MIPv6 daemon extracted from usagi git
- mipv6tester (1.0.1), a tool to report the down time of your
  connectivity when changing IPv6 network;
- scapy6 (20070628-snap), a packet forger with Mobile IPv6 capabilities;
- sonar (0.1), a mobility statistics retrieving tool.

Please report any issue with either the packages or the repository
itself to the Nautilus6 support mailing list at [3] and find more
information on this repository at [4].

The Nautilus6 project.

[1] http://software.nautilus6.org/packages/debian/
[2] http://software.nautilus6.org/packages/ubuntu/
[3] http://ml.nautilus6.org/mailman/listinfo/support
[4] http://op-ha.nautilus6.org/documentation/FAQ/N6PackageRepository