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(usagi-users 03936) Using ipv4 over ipv6

Hi All,

            I have a system setup where i want to send ipv4 packets over
ipv6 n/w. I suppose this feature has been recently added in 2.6.22. So
iam using that kernel.
My setup:
(eth1)                                                (eth0)
              -----------------------------------|  RT1 
|----------------------------------| RT 2  |---------------------------

(eth0)                                          (eth1)

 I created a tunnel using ip6_tunnel, which i believe has this support.
RT 1:
#ip -6 tunnel add mytun remote  3001:470:1f00:ffff::189 local
3001:470:1f00:ffff::190 dev eth1
#ip link set dev mytun up
#ip -6 addr add 4001:470:1f00:ffff::190 dev mytun
#route add -net mytun

#ip -6 tunnel add mytun remote  3001:470:1f00:ffff::190 local
3001:470:1f00:ffff::189 dev eth1
#ip link set dev mytun up
#ip -6 addr add 5001:470:1f00:ffff::190 dev mytun
#route add -net mytun

With this i thought i can ping from 192.x.x.x to 172.x.x.x and vice
versa. But its not happening :(. Iam not sure why. When i capture
packets on the eth1 interface, i dont see packets coming out. Please help.

btw, i have enabled fwd for ipv6 and ipv4 also and flushed all ip6tables
and iptables rules just in case.