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(usagi-users 03946) Differences between USAGI and MIPv6

Hi All,

I have setup a testbed using the MIPL (http://mobile-ipv6.org/) kernel patches and user-tools. I see on the MIPL site that it says:

"MIPL Mobile IPv6 for Linux releases 2.0 (and later) are developed by GO-Core in co-operation with the USAGI/WIDE Project. GO-Core and USAGI have co-developed extensions to the Linux IPv6 stack to support Mobile IPv6. The goal is to get these modifications accepted to the main line kernel."

After reading the USAGI site (http://www.linux-ipv6.org/) I am confused as to what the differences are between the two projects. Are there differences or are they related? Can anyone explain the differences? Thank you.


Jon Faranda
Applied Research Associates