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(usagi-users 03947) Re: Differences between USAGI and MIPv6


"Jonathan Faranda" <jfaranda@xxxxxxx> writes:

> Hi All,
> I have setup a testbed using the MIPL (http://mobile-ipv6.org/) kernel
> patches and user-tools. I see on the MIPL site that it says: 
> "MIPL Mobile IPv6 for Linux releases 2.0 (and later) are developed by
> GO-Core in co-operation with the USAGI/WIDE Project. GO-Core and USAGI
> have co-developed extensions to the Linux IPv6 stack to support Mobile
> IPv6. The goal is to get these modifications accepted to the main line
> kernel." 
> After reading the USAGI site (http://www.linux-ipv6.org/) I am
> confused as to what the differences are between the two projects. Are
> there differences or are they related? Can anyone explain the
> differences? Thank you. 

My understanding:

MIPL is a set of patches for an old version of Linux kernel. The git
repositories available on linux-ipv6.org follow latest version of the
linux kernel: this includes the kernel itself and also UMIP. UMIP is
based on MIPL but with improvements, bug fixes and more importantly a
set of developers that maintain it and are working on it (there are
even packages for ubuntu and debian). AFAIK, MIPL is not maintained

Another important difference appears if you want to use IPsec in dynamic
keying environments (i.e. with IKE[v2]). MIPL was limited on that
point. Many people have worked to have things on that subject in the
linux kernel (missing parts are in the git tree) and in UMIP.

I hope that helps.