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(usagi-users 03952) Re: Differences between USAGI and MIPv6


Antti Tuominen <anttit@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> What's the difference regarding the size of resulting binaries?
> I don't have any numbers at hand right now, but the reduction was
> substantial.

ok. I'll wait the patch is integrated.

>> might be wrong, but there are many people pushing patches at the moment
>> (people from usagi, patches for fmipv6, patches from sebastien, some
>> patches i have in the pipe). It might be a good idea to federate that
>> work.
> First off, I want to incorporate the UMIP changes so we have
> everything working on a current kernel.  After that, I'll redo the
> entity split.  Then, we should be ready for any other patches.  The
> RFC4283/4285 stuff is relatively independent in the code, so I can
> just drop it in, when it is convenient.