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(usagi-users 03954) Re: UMIP-0.4 MN Tunnel Setup and Binding Update Failure


Alex <hhappy14@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Dear all,
> I am currently using UMIP-0.4 and the up-to-date linux-2.6-mip6 kernel
> pulled from USAGI git server to do some experiments on Mobile IPv6. I
> assumed the kernel was already patched and I just modified the required
> fields in .config file and compiled the kernel successfully.
> I had a problem with UMIP-0.4 configuration at Mobile Node side. The MN
> failed to establish the tunnel with HA and can not send out Binding update.
> When I started the mip6d daemon, the program stopped at "mh_send: local CoA
> 2001:5c0:8fff:0:20d:56ff:fe72:244b" and there is a reported error message:
> mip6d[4191]: Interface 3 (sit0):type 776 unsupported. 

That's not an error, just a warning from UMIP when it detects a tunnel
interface. Anyway, it is not in the set of interfaces you have defined
in your mip6d.conf file.

> I also use #tcpdump -n
> ipv6 to monitor the ipv6 traffic at the access router of the foreign network
> and the result is there is no IPv6 traffic when mip6d is running. I am not
> quite sure what's the problem and how to solve it. I would appreciate if I
> can get some help from this mailing list so that I can setup the MN side
> correctly. Many thanks.

It's difficult to help without the content of your sa_setkey.conf. Can
you either send it or investigate that point. First guess would be that
the BU does not leave the MN because the SP put in place by UMIP
requires protection, but there is no usable SA to provide that
protection (because of a mismatch).