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(usagi-users 03959) Re: UMIP-0.4 MN Tunnel Setup and Binding Update Failure


Alex <hhappy14@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Dear Arnaud and Shinta,
> Many thanks for your comments. It is indeed the problem of sa.conf. Now the
> problem has been solved and MN can now send BU successfully to HA. I got
> another question, is it true that MN and HA cannot ping each other when the
> tunnel is established? In my testbed, MN and HA are both reachable from
> other IPv6 nodes and can ping other IPv6 nodes. But they cannot ping each
> other.

You should be able to ping the HA. I had issues some time ago to
reach other nodes on the home network: proxy ND was not enabled
(/proc/sys/net/ipv6/conf/*/proxy_ndp) on some interface. Even if it is
certainly unrelated, can you check it is already enabled. Can you also
confirm that your firewall rules allow ICMPv6 (INPUT).