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(usagi-users 03965) diiferences between "ip command" and "route command"

Hi all,
I setup a testbed with linux-2.6.23-rc3, debian4 and
mipv6-daemon-umip-0.4. It seems to work but I have some doubts in the
routing tables interpretation. In fact, I use "ip -6 route show" and
"route -A inet6" and I have observed differences in the output. For
example, after mobility "route -A" shows (correctly) the default way to
the tunnel:

::/0      ::          U     128    0        0 ip6tnl1

while "ip -6 route show" displays:

default via fe80::10e9:b9ff:feb6:f549 dev eth0

Anyone can help me to interpret/correct this?

    Eraldo S.Silva