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(usagi-users 03966) Re: diiferences between "ip command" and "route command"

Hi Eraldo,

On 2007/10/09, at 18:23, Eraldo Silveira e Silva wrote:
while "ip -6 route show" displays:

default via fe80::10e9:b9ff:feb6:f549 dev eth0

As you may know, Linux maintains several routing tables identified by a number from 1 to 255. The "ip -6 route show" command will only show the "main" table (i.e. #254). To see all of the tables, you should do "ip -6 route show table all": you'll then see the route towards the tunnel (which is stored in table #252).

My guess is that by default the "route" command displays all of the tables, that's why you could see a difference.

Romain KUNTZ
Louis Pasteur University - Networks and Protocols Team