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(usagi-users 03968) Re: diiferences between "ip command" and "route command"

Hi Eraldo,

On 2007/10/10, at 12:24, Eraldo Silveira e Silva wrote:
It is that. Thank you Romain.
I was wonder why I cannot ping  my home address from my mobile node.

Do you mean that from the Mobile Node, you try to ping your own HoA?

Even in the Home Network there is a route associated to the tunnel. Is this an
expected behaviour?

If I remember well, the route for the HoA towards the tunnel should be deleted when the Binding Update List entry is deleted (e.g. when in the home network).

Can you give more information about your network topology, your configuration files, if you use IPsec or not, the case when it does not work, and the log files of mip6d on the MN and HA?

Romain KUNTZ
Louis Pasteur University - Networks and Protocols Team