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(usagi-users 03971) Release of HAiku 0.2

# We are sorry of you receive multiple copies of this announce.

We are pleased to announce the release of HAiku 0.2, a simple and
intuitive web interface for Mobile IPv6 Home Agents for both users and
administrators and placed under the terms of the BSD license.

For users:
* The web interface is the primary way to register to the Home Agent and
  benefit from IPv6 Mobility. The user is guided all along within HAiku
  web interface, from the registration to the actual use of the IPv6
  mobility with a particular Mobile Node.
* The user manages a collection of Mobile Nodes (either Mobile Hosts or
  Mobile Routers) and can specify the hardware configuration of these
  Mobile Nodes.
* He has a simplified way to use IPv6 Mobility through custom Live CD or
  ready-to-use configuration files for Mobility and IPsec daemons.

For administrators:
* The administrator has access to the list of users and manage their
  accounts. He can search and mail users, block temporarily or delete
* HAiku gives the administrator the ability to basically configure the
  Home Agent. He can edit the mobility and IPsec related parameters.
  Next versions of HAiku will give full control over configuration.
* HAiku proposes the monitoring capability of the Home Agent through the
  administrative interface. This includes instant and past statistics
  for both mobility and hardware aspect, and will provide problem
  detection and warning.

New features are further detailed in the following Changelog:

In the same time, we would like to remind you that the Nautilus6 Project
has launched a public and operational Home Agent service for your
personal and experimental use. HAiku has been developed for the need of
this operational service:


Download HAiku 0.2:

User manual:

Online demonstration: