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(usagi-users 03976) ROHC Implementation over Ethernet for IPv6/UDP packets.

Hi !

Can some one please guide me how to get started in implementing ROHC ?

I am intrested in implementing and testing ROHC over Ethernet on Linux platform in C language. I have read the RFC3095 .

I have knowlege of C and socket programming and have so far have seen and worked with the implementation of a TCP/IP DualStack[IPv4/IPv6] .

 I need to implement ROHC for IPv6/UDP packets.Can any one help me in this.

The RFC3095 was quite complex and I don't know how to get started in order to be able to implement an internet protocol as complex as this. Please if you can advise me what kind of books and materials i should refer to be able to implement the protcol.

Thanks & Regards,