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(usagi-users 03987) Re: how to supress RA on linux


set /proc/sys/net/ipv6/autoconf to 0. 

after this no address will be configured using RA
prefix. link local address cannot be suppressed but
can be manually deleted.


--- Anjali Gajendragadkar <anjali1004@xxxxxxxxx>

> I have a linux PC ( - kernel) with ipv6
> enabled and assigned
> it an static IP address
> The PC also receives RA as Router is enabled and
> configured with IPV6 prefix.
> Thus my PC has three address
> 1. Static IPv6 address
> 2. From router advertisment RA (prefix+MAC address)
> 3. Link local address
> my questions
> 1.  is it possible to supress RA on the linux PC, so
> that PC will not
> generate IPV6 address using this
> 2. can link local address be supressed
> -Anjali

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