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(usagi-users 04009) Questions regarding the operation of MIPv6

1. When a network is encrypted, are the router advertisements also encrypted?

2. How does a mobile node migrate into an encrypted network?

3.  I understand router advertisements are sent out to a multicast
address periodically by routers or they may be solicited by a node.
The node can then act on a received RA and migrate to that network.
How does this work if the router is on a different channel?  Does the
mobile node scan the channels?

4.  I have been done some testing.  For a hundred trials between two
wireless networks, it took an average of 5.5s longer for handovers to
occur with IPSec enabled than with it disabled.  What would account
for this added delay?  IPSec encapsulates the tunnel traffic, but is
there some added process or handshake that occurs?

Thanks for your help.