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(usagi-users 04010) Re: Questions regarding the operation of MIPv6

El lun, 17-12-2007 a las 18:24 -0500, Ryan Measel escribiÃ:
> 1. When a network is encrypted, are the router advertisements also encrypted?
router advertisements only advertise a router, there is no sense to
encrypt them, any way if you want to use other methods use dhcpv6,
router advertisements its basic.

> 2. How does a mobile node migrate into an encrypted network?
in the same way that does to a non encrypted network.

> 3.  I understand router advertisements are sent out to a multicast
> address periodically by routers or they may be solicited by a node.
> The node can then act on a received RA and migrate to that network.
> How does this work if the router is on a different channel?  Does the
> mobile node scan the channels?

channels are on the link layer, routers advertisements on the network.

> 4.  I have been done some testing.  For a hundred trials between two
> wireless networks, it took an average of 5.5s longer for handovers to
> occur with IPSec enabled than with it disabled.  What would account
> for this added delay?  IPSec encapsulates the tunnel traffic, but is
> there some added process or handshake that occurs?
the handovers not depend on if you use IPSec.

I recomend you to read more carefully the rfcs or other docs because i
think all that questions you said are respond on the rfcs, any way o
hope i help you with them ;)

Regards Luis

> Thanks for your help.
> Cheers,
> Ryan
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