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(usagi-users 04014) mipv6-daemon: tiny diff


just came across the attached while reading the MIPv6-daemon code.  
Without this diff it seems that memset will stomp over the freshly 
initialized tmp->lock.  Looks like this slipped through as the lock calls 
are not checked for error returns.

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diff --git a/src/bcache.c b/src/bcache.c
index f4e40c6..e80438b 100644
--- a/src/bcache.c
+++ b/src/bcache.c
@@ -138,11 +138,11 @@ struct bcentry *bcache_alloc(int type)
 	if (tmp == NULL)
 		return NULL;
+	memset(tmp, 0, sizeof(*tmp));
 	if (pthread_rwlock_init(&tmp->lock, NULL)) {
 		return NULL;
-	memset(tmp, 0, sizeof(*tmp));
 	return tmp;

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