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(usagi-users 04020) Re: [patch] mip6d daemon: set the (K) bit according to KeyMngMobCapability option

Monday 21 January 2008 18:15, Sebastien Decugis wrote:
> This small patch for umip 0.4 aims to properly set the (K) bit in BU and 
> BA messages according to the KeyMngMobCapability option. If a 
> misconfiguration is detected, a message is generated. The information is 
> saved in the bule (MN) or bce (HA) data, and can be used later to check 
> if movement must be signaled to an IKE daemon.

AFAIK the RFC377[56] does not say anything about the K-bit change,
it is not so problem for MN side, however, it is required clarify for HA side.
With your patch HA accepts K-bit change for the existing BCE with
receiving every BU and it is too much as saying configuration mistake
detection. Describe also why HA uses syslog when the K-bit change
detects while MN uses debug message.