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(usagi-users 04032) Re: ipv6 ppp and auto configuration with mip6d


"REMY Johan" <johan.remy@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I'm currently setting up a MIPv6 testbed. It's working well with wired
> or wifi connections (like eth0) but I want to use a ppp ipv6 interface
> too.
> On the other side of the ppp connection, I have a server with radvd.
> Without mobility, it's working well but when I start the mip deamon, it
> tries to redo the auto-configuration and it doesn't work properly (see
> below)   and of course the mobile tunnel isn't set up. It's a full ipv6
> ppp tunnel.
> I tried to set up an ip6tnl interface with a router instead but the mip
> daemon doesn't recognise the interface. I've also try to set up a vpn
> tunnel (with a tap interface) but I didn't manage to mount my tunnel
> with openvpn. It seems that it doesn't support well ipv6 in ipv6
> tunnels.
> Would you have any idea how I could make it work, whether by fixing the
> radvd over ppp problem or by finding a way to set up a 6o6 tunnel that
> is recognise by mip6d?

I wrote such a patch to support another kind of tunnel interface (teredo
ones using miredo, but it also works over 6to4 tunnels). I never had a
chance to test with a ppp interface.

You can grab it using mercurial by simply cloning the repository:

$ hg clone http://hg.natisbad.org/migrate2_patches_umip_nemo
destination directory: migrate2_patches_umip_nemo
requesting all changes
adding changesets
adding manifests
adding file changes
added 52 changesets with 135 changes to 27 files
14 files updated, 0 files merged, 0 files removed, 0 files unresolved

The one of interest in the folder is "tunnel_support.patch". Note that
the folder is in fact a quilt set, and that patch (as described in
"series" file) applies on top of almost all others. Applying it directly
will probably fail but you should be able to adapt it easily.

Don't hesitate to ask some help if you do not succeed or need some
comments on the patch.

> The ideal solution for me would be to force mip6d to use a static ipv6
> configuration (ip + route) without trying to auto-conf via radvd. The
> daemon tries to auto-conf even with autoconf and ra_accept to "0".

after applying the patch, read the modified man page, and smile ;-)