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(usagi-users 04034) IPv6_NEXTHOP socket option

Hi folks,

 I am trying to work on RSVP-TE for IPv6. For that we require to send
 an IPv6 packet from a source to a destination using the Nexthop given
 in the content of the Path message.

 I am using AF_INET6 family socket. I tried t use the mechanism of
 cmsghdr/ msghdr ancillary data. I tried on both 2.4 and 2.6 standard
 Linux kernels and I got the Unknown argument error. On looking at
 the code for it in the kernel I found that the code for handling
 IPV6_NEXTHOP is missing in the Linux Kernel.

 A similar exercise using setsockopt with the same option gave similar
 results. ipv6_sockglue.c in function do_ipv6_setsockopt does not have the code
 to handle the IPV6_NEXTHOP option. Is there another way I can achieve
 the same functionality?


 PS: I posted the same issue in the Kernelnewbies and was directed to this group