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(usagi-users 04039) Invalid argument when sending multicast listener general query V2


Another question:

As I understood, the pim6sd daemon should send periodically
query messages to the all hosts address (ff02::1).

I started the daemon, and I see in /var/log/pim6sd.log
19:06:48.412 sending multicast listener general query V2 on : eth0
19:06:48.414 ==>(ff02::1) Query Sent With S flag OFF
19:06:48.420 warning - sendmsg to ff02::1 with src
fe80::240:95ff:fe30:b0a3 on eth0: Invalid argument

Any idea what can cause this "Invalid argument" error ?
fe80::240:95ff:fe30:b0a3 is the IPv6 on eth0, on the machine where
pim6sd daemon runs. And the dest IP is OK- ff02::1.

in my pim6sd.conf file I have:
phyint eth0 mld_version any;
phyint eth1 mld_version any;
group_prefix ff0e::130/128;
cand_rp eth0 time 30 priority 20;
cand_bootstrap_router eth0;
log all;

Any ideas/thoughts/hints?