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(usagi-users 04069) IPsec/IKE and UMIP

Hi,                       [resend, as first version was sent to old ml]

I have written a page detailing how to deploy IPsec/IKE protected MIPv6
under Linux. It is available here:


The setup is obviously based on UMIP. More precisely, you will find
there the steps to:

- patch and configure a kernel supporting an improved version of MIGRATE
  mechanism (document available on the site),
- patch (improved MIGRATE, nemo, tunnel support and some additional
  patches), build and configure umip (including NEMO),
- patch (improved MIGRATE), build and configure racoon.
- configure miredo for using your MN/MR from an IPv4 foreign network
- ...

For the lazy ones, I have also set up a Debian mirror with i386 and ppc
patched versions of umip and racoon. You will also find prepatched
kernel tarballs. All of those will be updated regularly. 

If you have questions, bug reports or some ideas for improvements, don't

Some parts of the page are still under construction, so, be gentle.



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