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(usagi-users 04074) Re: DHAAD error?


Can you post the config files of mip6d and radvd of your HA to the mailing list?

Romain KUNTZ
LSIIT - Networks and Protocols Team

On 2008/07/30, at 18:38, Max Laier wrote:


I came across the following problem with DHAAD:

If I don't specify a HomeAgentAddress in my mip6d.conf on the MN and thus force DHAAD use the MN will issue a DHAAD request and the HA will answer, but it will answer with the router address (i.e. $Homeprefix::) instead of the actual address it is configured to. The MN sends BU to that address, but the
HA doesn't seem to react to them.

If I configure the actual HomeAgentAddress, everything works as expected.

My question: Is there something wrong with my setup or is it okay to provide the router address in the DHAAD? If so, why doesn't the HA not respond?

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