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(usagi-users 04078) Re: Mobile IPv6 current developming state


"hughes s.n. (snh206)" <snh206@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I have been trying to join the mobile-ipv6.org mail-list or access the
> website but it appears not to be working.

For years now ...

> Is USAGI participating in the development of the MIPv6 implementation?

USAGI people have provided bug fixes and enhancements for UMIP and are
now providing maintenance for it (it is in considered in stable
state). The main git tree is available at:


Also take a look at:

Don't hesitate to post on the list if you have more questions.

> I'm planning to contribute with it's development for the next months
> and need to find out who is taking care of the implementation.

Bug report should definitely be sent to USAGI people via this ML.